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Marketplace Connecting Local Florists’ Products

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Flomoni - Marketplace Connecting Local Florists’ Products

Digitalizing the Flower Sales Industry

In today's digital age, it is essential to connect sellers and buyers online, bringing businesses closer to all potential customer groups. This allows businesses to showcase their products and deliver them to customers anywhere with just a few clicks.


Uniting Florists and Enabling Online Sales

The client wanted to create a modern, user-friendly marketplace where customers worldwide can order products from local Slovak florists. These products can be picked up in person, delivered to an address, or delivered directly to a funeral home in the case of funerals.


System with Public Marketplace, Backoffice Portal, and Order Management App

FLOMONI is a comprehensive information system consisting of a backoffice web portal for managing contracted businesses, a publicly accessible marketplace portal providing shopping with express delivery of products for joyful and mournful occasions, and a mobile application designed for notifying and managing orders by stores through printer devices.

We designed the marketplace for customers to be clear and well-categorized, so that customers can easily find the right product for the occasion they are looking for, both on desktop and mobile.

To administer the marketplace portal, we created a backoffice portal for managing vendors, their employees, couriers, delivery options, and products. The portal is intended for florists and delivery personnel, and it must also be clear, easy to use, and well-structured so that florists and delivery personnel can work well with it.

We also created a native Android mobile application that is used on printer devices in stores. It is designed to notify about new orders, print receipts with order information, and display a list of active and completed orders. It is also integrated with the whole FLOMONI backend.


Modular System with Integrated Payments and Analytics

During development, we chose a modular architecture. Both portals are built on the Touch4IT Software Platform. We integrated the Payout payment gateway and the Finappie application for invoicing. 

In the marketplace, we used Google Analytics and Smartlook analytical tools to analyze the clarity of the portal and the comprehensibility of user journeys for customers, aiming to improve the portal. 

Both portals are operated in the production environment of Touch4IT Private Cloud.

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Services We Provided

  • Digital Product Specification 
  • UX/UI Design 
  • Information Architecture (IA Prototyping) 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Web Development 
  • Android Development 
  • Integrations 
  • QA & Testing 
  • Maintenance & Support

From Initial Consultations and MVP Definition to Complete Design and Development

At the start of the project, we held several rounds of consultations with the client to understand their goals and key functionalities. After the initial analysis and product specification, we defined the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) scope with the client and created a development roadmap.

We developed a detailed specification of requirements and user scenarios, designed the system architecture, selected the most suitable technologies, analyzed third-party products for integration, and recommended the best ones. During the design phase, we based the marketplace on an e-shop design concept, modifying it to meet the client's requirements and expanding it to create the marketplace design. After finalizing the layout, category structure, and filtering, we collaborated with the client on the final visual design of the marketplace.

For the backoffice, we customized components from the Touch4IT Software Platform to meet the client's specific needs and practical usage scenarios. The mobile app design was created after the backoffice was finalized, to minimize the costs of implementing changes across two platforms.


Development of the Floristry Industry

This intuitive marketplace portal aims to enable florists to offer their products and services, leading to the digitalization of an industry that has been lacking in this area. Currently, the solution is limited to certain locations in Slovakia, but there are plans to expand it across the entire country and possibly beyond its borders.

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