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Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales and Management in Resorts

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Annaberg Kiosk Software by Touch4IT

Tourism Development in Recreational Resorts

The SKIWISE company offers an innovative system solution specifically tailored for ticket sales in ski and mountain resorts, emphasizing the maximization of customer registrations and identified revenue.


Lack of Digitalization in the Ski Resort Sector

Ski resorts are a sector that is very popular and busy during the winter season, yet it is still very weak in terms of digitalization and tracking the paths and behaviors of visitors. The client was therefore looking for a technology company that would help develop modern and functional software for the Annaberg ski resort, launch it, and operate it during the first season. 


Self-Service System for Automated Ticket Sales in Annaberg

We have developed a fully functional and innovative custom software, thanks to which visitors at the Annaberg ski resort can quickly and easily purchase lift tickets and other attractions through a kiosk. We designed this solution to be intuitive for visitors, ensuring that the entire purchase process is very fast and simple.

We took care of the complete infrastructure of the entire solution - putting the device into operation, interfacing with the POS system, financial management system, etc.

Various System Integrations

During the software development, we also handled integrations with third-party tools. For example, we integrated payment gateways (Fiskaltrust, GP Webpay) and ticketing information systems (SKIDATA, Axess).

Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo
Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo
Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo
Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo
Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo
Kiosk Software for Ticket Sales by Touch4IT - integrations logo

Services We Provided

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Full Stack Development
  • SaaS Development
  • Hardware
  • Migration & Integration
  • QA & Testing
  • Software Maintenance
  • Cloud & Data Security

From Concept to Launch: Product Specification to Operation

We collaborated with the client from the very beginning and helped them define and specify the entire product. We selected hardware for the kiosks, created the kiosk application and e-shop design, and then developed it all. We revamped the entire purchase process to make it more intuitive for all visitors to the resort. We covered all areas: frontend, backend, devops, and infrastructure. Thus, we developed a system consisting of several smaller system parts. Some are also cloud-based (kiosk, backoffice, e-shop, cash register, etc.). We provided support and maintenance throughout the entire first season.


Real-Time Monitoring of Ski Resort Visitors

This software solution significantly enhances the entire ticket purchase process at the ski resort, streamlining operations and improving customer experience. The system provides valuable insights that help adapt services more effectively to meet individual needs by enabling real-time monitoring of customers' journeys and behaviors. This increases efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction by offering a more personalized and responsive service.


Software Also Implemented at Lipno Resort

We also implemented this fully functional software and carried out the entire process at the Lipno recreational resort in the Czech Republic. There, you can purchase tickets for the cable car and other attractions at the resort through a kiosk.


E-shop for Easy Home Ticket Purchase

For this recreational resort, Lipno, we have also developed a complete e-shop, through which users can purchase tickets for all the experiences at Lipno directly from the comfort of their homes. By registering, they automatically become members of the Lipno.card loyalty club and gain access to specific offers throughout the year.

Tech Stack

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Peter Kristak

Peter Kristak

CFO at Skiwise GmbH

Slovakia Flag

For us — as a client — it was great to find a technology partner who can handle everything for us: from design, through development to system support. It is a huge added value for us.

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