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Native Mobile App for Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network

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Greenway Mobile App by Touch4IT

Building and Managing EV Charging Infrastructure Across CEE

GreenWay is the largest public EV charging network in Central & Eastern Europe, featuring over 900 fast, ultrafast, and AC electric vehicle charging stations in Poland and Slovakia, with access to tens of thousands of roaming partner chargers throughout Europe. Their vision is for Central & Eastern Europe to be cleaner, healthier, and less dependent on oil, thanks to the widespread use of electric vehicles.


Transforming Old Software into a New Innovative App

The main challenge was to analyze the original GreenWay application, process client requirements, and needs, prepare specifications, and deliver a new, modern solution that addressed both existing and new client requirements. Our primary goal was to rework the original application and deliver an enhanced version with added features. Additionally, we deepened our expertise in the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector, which demanded extensive research and collaboration with the client to ensure the project's success in this industry.


EV Charging with Our All-in-One Mobile App

We developed a native mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, providing a comprehensive solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) owners. With a single registration, users can easily locate nearby charging stations, customize their preferred charger connector type, and directly control the start/stop of charging through the app. Additionally, the app maintains a history of charging sessions, provides invoicing details, and offers helpful FAQs. This approach significantly simplifies and enhances the overall experience of charging electric vehicles.


Mobile Interface with GreenWay Backend 

GreenWay has established an in-house infrastructure that facilitates communication with all chargers within their network, as well as those integrated with roaming partners. Our developed mobile applications seamlessly interface with this GreenWay backend environment.


Services We Provide

  • Digital Product Specification

  • UX/UI Design  

  • User Testing  

  • Mobile App Development 

  • Integrations  

  • SLA Support  


From Defining a Digital Product to Native Development

In the initial phase, we embarked on product specification, collaborating closely with the client to thoroughly examine their existing solution. Through collaborative efforts, we outlined a new Minimum Viable Product (MVP): a native mobile application catering to electric vehicle charging needs. Subsequently, we transitioned to the UX/UI design stage to craft an intuitive user experience.

Upon finalizing the design, we moved into the native mobile development phase, targeting both iOS and Android platforms. During this process, we continued to work closely together, developing the app side by side. Our commitment extends to ongoing support to ensure the application's availability and optimal performance.


Game Changer in the Field of Energy and Charging

Nowadays, people always have their mobile phones with them. So, all they need to start charging their EVs or find the closest charger is to have the GreenWay app on their phones. The solution has significantly improved the EV charging experience, positioning GreenWay as a dominant player in Central and Eastern Europe. With a user-friendly mobile app, EV and PHEV owners can effortlessly locate charging stations, customize preferences, and manage sessions directly. Real-time updates on availability and pricing, along with intuitive navigation, have streamlined the process. This transformative solution has elevated user satisfaction and also established a robust infrastructure for easy communication between charging networks, enhancing the overall electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

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Martin Dobis

Martin Dobis

CTO at GreenWay

Slovakia Flag

The cooperation between both teams was excellent: we appreciate active communication and active feedback. Thanks to these factors we could always anticipate and eliminate all risks in advance. We are satisfied and really see only the positives in the cooperation.

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