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SPPM Application for Sports Team Management

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Introducing SPPM: Software for Team Sports Coaches

SPPM is an innovative software tailored to the needs of professional team sports coaches who want to effectively manage their players and achieve the best results. It is a unique solution for planning and managing an entire team and for analyzing and evaluating individual performance.


SPPM Planner as the Main Management Tool

SPPM Planner allows you to manage individual players (users), their data and training and match performance, along with the ability to communicate online between coach and player. Within the app, the coach sets the load intensity planning of training plans and programs, determines their cycles, training units and matches. The app then creates a complete training plan that is linked to each training session. It sets goals and provides methods to manage and achieve them. 

For SPPM, we have created a brand to personalize and meet elements of sport, movement dynamics and overall rhythm. The italics in the logo speak about movement and the elements themselves point to Gant’s diagram and the individual cycles of the training plan.

Adjusted for all sports games:

If you are interested, we can add other sports for you.


SPPM Playbook

SPPM Playbook is an iPad application that can be used alone or as one of the features of the SPPM Planner. It allows the coach to draw tactics and strategies on the pitch and then play them back as an animation to help each player understand their role in the game. The drawn tactics can be saved to a library or downloaded and shared as a PDF file.

Application directly from the mind of a professional volleyball coach

Mr. Ivan Hiadlovský is a top volleyball coach with years of experience, insight and vision of how technology should help coaches and clubs to achieve better results. He is idea maker who has set the whole concept of the SPPM application - in terms of its professional content and usability for trainers.

The co-founder of ESET is also behind the SPPM project.

Right after Mr. Rudolf Hrubý - the co-founder of ESET’s computer security company - heard our business plan, he became an investor of the SPPM project, believing in its success.

Our co-founders (Michal, Matej & Richard), the ideamaker Ivan Hiadlovský, business partner Juraj Kostický and Mr. Rudolf Hrubý:

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