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Optimizing the UX/UI Design of an Online Designer Eyewear Store

UX Audit Design Usability Testing
eyerim - optimizing UX design - by Touch4IT

Collaboration with a Fast-Growing Slovak Startup

The brand Eyerim is a rapidly growing company that currently, in addition to its online optics store, is also opening brick-and-mortar shops in major cities, thus operating in both the digital and physical worlds.


Optimizing the E-commerce Design to Improve Customer Experience

A client approached us with the intention of updating their e-commerce interface to improve the customer journey in the store.


Improving the Entire Customer Journey

We optimized the design of the e-shop to make it easy for its visitors to find what they are looking for, navigate through the abundance of products and product lines, choose their desired product from the array of offerings, and complete the entire shopping process smoothly.


Services We Provided

  • UX Audit
  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Usability Testing

Regular Communication and Incremental Improvements

We maintained regular communication with the client to gather as much input, analytics behind their e-shop, and their own ideas. Based on these elements, along with our UX research, we proposed possible steps and adjustments to improve the current state of the e-shop. Our suggestions were gradually implemented by the client.


Increasing the Number of Purchases

We proposed changes to the UX and UI design of the e-shop to help customers navigate it more effectively and complete the shopping process, i.e., find everything they need for their final decision-making, without anything discouraging them during the purchase.

Adam Borňák

Adam Borňák

COO at Eyerim

Slovakia Flag

Working with the Touch4IT team is a breeze. We can easily align on shared decisions, they always delight us with high-quality outputs, and their responsible approach.

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