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A Robust Digital Platform Connecting NGOs

Powered by action platform

Transforming the Non-Profit Sector with PBA's Platform

The PBA platform allows non-profit organizations and their members to communicate effectively, create various types of content, organize video conferences, and share their activities and events with other parties. 

The goal of the platform is primarily to educate people - those who, based on their background (such as their upbringing), lack access to information, don't have a computer, can't attend better schools, and so on. For such individuals, it is very difficult to improve their position in life beyond where they grew up. The platform consists of non-profit organizations that strive to assist these people, and our platform serves to make their work more efficient, enabling them to help more individuals.


Assumed Responsibility for PBA Platform Design and Technology

As part of this project, we joined the BHV team (one of the biggest VC firms in the U.S.), who is responsible for the PBA project. The client approached us to take over the design and technology aspects from the previous supplier. 

The main goal was to enhance the platform through improvements in software development, including design and functionality enhancements, as well as integration with other systems.


Frontend, Backend, and Mobile Development for NGO Platform

After taking over the project, we fully committed ourselves to the continuous development of the Powered By Action Platform. We retained the existing Ruby On Rails backend and introduced a new backend component built on Node.js. Our objective was to enhance the platform's performance, refine its primary and secondary functionalities, and enable users to navigate and utilize it efficiently.

Our responsibilities include comprehensive backend and frontend development for three web apps (client, admin, medical) based on Angular and React. We also developed two native mobile applications for iOS and Android, and manage leveraging the capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) platforms.

Using Our Software Modules:

Additionally, we incorporated modules from our microservice platform to introduce new functionalities and enhance the existing ones on the platform. This approach allowed us to continuously improve and expand its capabilities.

  • Benefit Module
  • Calendar Module 
  • Media Module
  • Notification Module 
  • Patient Module
  • Social Module
  • Transaction Module
  • User Module

Integrated With Major Systems:

The platform is connected to a variety of systems, including medical devices like DexCom, and Withings, as well as a payment gateway (Braintree), social media login systems, a communication platform (Big Marker), etc.


Services We Provided:

  • Product Roadmap
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Product & Performance Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Native Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Integrations
  • DevOps
  • API Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Development Testing (DevTest)
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • SLA Support
  • High Availability Of Services

Client-Centric Collaboration and Technical Directing

We have been (and continue to be) in close collaboration with the client on a regular basis. Together, we assist in specifying the entire product and defining its technical direction. Our processes are finely tuned to ensure the highest level of communication, keeping the client well-informed at all times. This enables them to provide valuable feedback when needed and have a comprehensive overview of the project.

Tech Stack


Empowering the Platform for the Future

Our primary focus is to ensure the platform is loved by organizations, while also providing a user-friendly experience for client administrators. We strive to fulfill the platform's core functions, such as facilitating user connections, enabling seamless communication, organizing video conferences, and hosting other online events. Additionally, we actively monitor activities and associated data to maintain a high level of functionality and user satisfaction.

The following prominent organizations are utilizing the platform:

andre hughes

Andre Hughes

Founder and Servant at PBA

"Our cooperation with Touch4IT has been characterized by effective collaboration, reliable delivery of high-quality outputs, and a professional approach. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to meeting our needs and have been a valuable partner in our projects."

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